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Charlotte likes quiet. But wherever Charlotte goes, she is surrounded by noise, noise, noise—her yipping dog, Otto; the squeaky, creaky swings; the warbling, wailing sirens. Even in the library, children yammer and yell. Where can Charlotte find a quiet place?   One day Otto leads her on a wild chase through the park.  There, Charlotte discovers a quiet place where she never would have imagined.

Written By Deborah Sosin and brought to life through the watercolor and collage illustrations of Sara Woolley, Charlotte and the Quiet Place shows how a child discovers mindful breathing and experiences the beauty of silence. Children will relate to the unfolding adventure and message of empowerment. Parents, teachers, and caretakers of highly active or sensitive children will find the story especially useful.

Reviews for Charlotte...

"Charlotte, a brown-skinned girl with a mop of curly hair, struggles to find peace and quiet living in New York City: 'On the sidewalk, the jackhammers blast. On the street, the sirens warble and wail.' After Charlotte chases her dog into the park, the two sit under a tree where Charlotte calms her breathing and her mind, finding a 'quiet place inside' she can return to as needed. Woolley uses electric starbursts and lightning bolts to visually punctuate the noises assailing Charlotte—it isn’t subtle, but neither is city life. Readers who feel similarly overwhelmed may take inspiration from the way that Charlotte discovers mindfulness on her own terms."—Publishers Weekly, June 1, 2015

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